What Is Subconscious Mind Recoding And Why Do You Need It'?


Do you ever experience any of these?

  • Lack of fulfillment?
  • Lack of direction and purpose?
  • Feeling like you are settling for less than you deserve?
  • Feeling unloved, unworthy or never good enough?
  • Feeling like an imposter and experiencing self-doubt?
  • Do you ever self-sabotage yourself?
  • Are you stuck on major decision in life?
  • Are you running out of steam on this treadmill of life?

Can you imagine?

  • Knowing what you really want out of life
  • Having incredible energy and working to a purpose
  • Following your dreams with conviction and joy
  • Being able to build amazing relationships
  • Being successful and having a balanced, incredible life
  • Having more happiness and passion in your life
  • Having time for work and for play
  • Living your legacy


How to effortlessly break through that ceiling with a massive paradigm shift, which is so powerful it will absolutely transform your life!

No need to waste time on reading 100s of self help books, going through therapies or following another 10 steps to whatever.

This webinar is science and psychology based training – by far the most effective way of regaining your powerful inner intelligence to achieve success in all areas of your life!


As a business coach to Directors, CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs I have seen many super successful people work hard to make millions only to either lose it all, never really quite get there, be miserable, self sabotage themselves or worse… fail at other dimensions of their personal life.

Those who have studied ‘thought patterns and beliefs’ know their importance in creating ‘reality’. The training we provide is way above any ‘positive thinking’ or even above the understanding of conscious and subconscious mind – it is a different way of ‘seeing’, which will help you achieve crystal clarity in your vision and recode your current subconscious programming which are sabotaging your efforts. It will allow you to de-fog your brain, get rid of any stresses (past or future) so you can be successful in all areas of your life! Yes, you CAN have it all!

Who am I?

In 2019 I was dragged underneath a bolting giant horse. In the four months I was recovering from injuries, I needed to do something creative. So I became an author. 

Within months, my first book Escape Your Matrix: How to Master the Game of Life was headed to international bestseller status. That fact supports one thing I’ve learned over the journey—life gives you gifts wrapped in problems. 

It’s only when you solve the problem that you get the hidden reward. 

It’s something I teach to thousands of people every year around the globe. I’m a subconscious mind communications and re-coding specialist and the CEO of Quantum Mind Academy. 

Sound a bit woo-woo? Okay. In five steps, I teach people how the subconscious mind works and why you need to understand and recode it. 

Basically, most of the stuff that got coded in there happened in the first seven years of your life, is not what you really want and is now tripping you over. 

I teach how to change your own subconscious programming through self-hypnosis and conscious communication in a language that your subconscious actually understands. 

By giving people the tools to become their own mind re-coder, I help them go from chasing goals to attracting them. 

From being busy to being productive. From pursuing happiness to being fulfilled. It’s a total identity shift: you get to choose who you become by deleting error codes in your subconscious.

The Quantum Mind Academy has students on all continents. Through masterminds and programs they learn to create success in relationships, businesses, careers and health. 

Because nobody else teaches my method, I’m a sought-after podcast guest in the US and UK, and featured on Mindvalley’s Lifebook program.

Some background: I started my first business at age 18 and sold it two years later for a profit. I was a VIP casino host until a high-roller told me to get into real estate if I wanted to be wealthy. I did, and built a property development company from the ground up to 4500-house projects. 

I have qualifications in business management and business coaching, fitness personal training, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K and NLP. I speak three languages and understand a couple of others. I’m an adventuring mother-of-two and kick-butt photographer, and I am really into quantum physics, music, art and bio-hacking. I believe affirmations are pointless and personal development seminars mess with your subconscious.

My goal for 2021 is to re-code 10,000 minds. Reach out if you want to be one of them. 


I help you discover:

  • How to effectively communicate with your subconscious mind and get it on-board with your ideas so that you achieve your goals in the flow rather than ‘paddling against a current’.
  • The importance of living your life to the max in every possible category; by finding your own PURPOSE and redesigning your blueprint for authentic life.
  • How to align your work with your purpose so that work brings you incredible fulfillment as well as income.
  • How to remove all the OLD conditioning and transcend any self-sabotage that holds you back in becoming your best self; in your work and in relationships with others.
  • How to align your conscious and subconscious minds, become your own best friend and not only achieve your intellectual and business goals but also absolutely nail the art of personal fulfillment.

If you think you could benefit from this; work with me!

Your Life will never be the same!



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How to Master The Game of Life

This is a must–read, fun and easy-to-follow book that will wake you up to the fact that we have been enslaved by our subconscious minds (a.k.a. The Matrix). This book shows you how to make clear-headed decisions that will take you to what you REALLY want out of life, and how to go about re-coding your own mind so things like fogginess and self-sabotage are consigned to the past.




Are you ready to remove all the mental blocks that are holding you back from being your absolute best?

Are you ready to find your own authenticity and purpose?

Are you ready to live an extraordinary life?